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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Great Bastille Day Birthday Canal Camp

Inspired by the great bike trip last month, we booked a lockkeeper's house along the C&O canal for the big birthday bonanza with Hyderabadi friends. Lockhouse 22, twenty-two miles upstream from the start of the canal, where a little ole lockkeeperman and his family used to operate one of the 200 or so locks on the entire project. The only catch? It was renovated to suit the period. No electricity, no plumbing.

Great evening of merriment and grilling, even though on-and-off rain made it a bit difficult, and rather muddy to boot. Upstairs bedrooms were pretty darn muggy and stuffy overnight...and the period-piece beds not all that comfortable. When we woke up, for some odd reason, all three ladies were covered with hundreds of bug bites. As for the five gentlemen? Not a single mark. We still haven't figured it out yet if it was mosquitos or bed bugs...we didn't see any of either during the day or night. Peculiar.

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