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Monday, August 23, 2010

Caught in a Wolftrap

One of the best mid-summer DC activities? Wolftrap. An outdoor theatre managed by the National Park Service.

You’ve got your choice, caching a $5 roundtrip shuttle from the far end of the orange line, or a short drive down 267 toward Dulles.

August brought two shows: A Monday night with Counting Crows and Gloria, her sister and Thanksgiving Elli and two weeks later another Monday date complete with Train.

The better show? Train. Not only was Hey Soul Sister – Drops of Jupiter as good a one-two punch as I’ve ever seen in a concert, but you get Meet Virginia as a bonus. They even managed to keep the rain-dropped crowd happy1 While Long December and Mr. Jones were pretty fantastic, Counting Crows deemed it necessary to give too much of their stage time to their rap-aholic friend who wasn’t quite as easy on the ears.

How To: Tickets are reasonable. Gates open at 6:30. For the better shows, you’ve gotta be there ahead of time in order to be one of the first to get through the gate and stake a claim to a good lawn spot. Show up late, and you risk sitting on concrete or a seat at one of the far edges.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Legg Mason

Andrew and I treated the quarterfinals of the Legg Mason Tennis Classic as a costumed activity. Surely hob-nobbing amongst the DC tennis-playing elites requires sweater vests, no?

As for the tennis action? Pretty cool to watch. I don't claim to know a whole lottabout tennis, but i think i'd heard one of the four names before, so i suppose that's a good sign. Wikipedia filled in the rest.

Nalbandian (ARG) > Simon (FRA)

3-6, 6-2, 6-3

Cilic (CRO) > Tipsarenic (SRB)

7-6(4), 6-4

Nalbandian went on to win the whole darn thing, the first time he's done that in a while. I figure it was at least half due to my cheering efforts. Viva la argentine.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

how to backpack from DC via public transportation

Appalachian Trail

Out-and-Back South of Harper’s Ferry
July 30 - Aug 1

Harper’s Ferry – David Lesser Shelter/Cooper Spring – Harper’s Ferry
approx 18.8 miles

FRIDAY: Union Station → Harpers Ferry

4:05PM – 5:16PM AMTRAK
4:55PM – 6:16PM MARC
5:40PM – 7:15PM MARC
7:15PM – 8:42PM MARC

SUNDAY: Harpers Ferry → Union Station

11:25AM – 1:10PM AMTRAK


After Gloria had to back out of a weekend trip, raced to Union Station, desperate to get outta town. Bought ticket on train, $14. Commuter train stopped at about a dozen little towns along the way, some barely more than crossroads. Pleasant scenery, train wasn’t all that crowded.

Hopped out at Harper’s Ferry with an hour and a half of daylight to spare. Such a cool little spot. No stores seemed open on a Friday evening, don’t count on finding anything there. Followed Shenandoah Street through National Park buildings, rather than hiking Appalachian Trail up the hill into town. Rejoined the trail at 370, crossed Shenandoah River and hiked a mile so up the bluff towering over the river. 1000 foot elevation gain in the first mile after the river. Didn’t make it all the way up before dark, set up tent with headlamp and bivouacing at a quasi-site still inside Harper’s Ferry National Historical Park – no camping allowed – and not quite to the Appalachian Trail N.P. – camping allowed.


Crested the bluff after twenty minutes of morning hiking, and crossed into national forest not long after. Largely level terrain once you get to the top, but unfortunately there aren’t any views, at least during summer. Long stretches of leafcovered rockfields. Several nice established camping options (no water, though) in the ~2 mile level stretch between park boundary and powerline cut.

A mile after powerline cut, trail crosses VA7. A pleasant 3 miles south of the highway, a side trail leads to the left (west) toward David Lesser cabin. Complete with nice shelter, covered kitchen, and five camp sites. The real treat’s the spring. Clear and cool, a little hike below the campsites. After filling up (had to boil, don’t have a filter yet...) started the return trip. Crossed VA7 and stopped at the first campsite after the powerline cut.


Hiked downhill back to Harper’s Ferry to catch morning train. Made quick time, with ice cream and stroll through the historic district as a reward. AMTRAK train apparently isn’t time-reliable. Train an hour late, but comfortable when on-board. Tried to buy a ticket onboard, but conductor let me off with a “Happy Birthday” and a wave. A few fellow Midwestern hikers suggested a three-day trip, north to south, starting at a commuter bus stop along the train 30 miles south of Harper’s Ferry. Would be a good way to do it.

See also:

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Hiking Virginia (Falcon Guide) p. 318