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Monday, February 22, 2010


I've never actually gotten around to taking the Myers-Briggs before...

According to 90-odd questions answered, I'm inclined toward:


Only 3.2% of the U.S. population's an ENTP, but it was the most common category in our orientation group. We're likely to be labeled an "inventor." MBTI describes our "type" as creative, imaginative, clever, enterprising, resourceful; theoretical, conceptual and curious; good at seeing opportunities and possibilities in the outer world; adept at generating possibilities and then analyzing them strategically; stimulated by difficulties; quickly devise creative responses and trust ability to improvise; likely to value competence, intelligence, precision and efficiency; usually seen by others as independent, outspoken, enthusiastic, assertive and outspoken.

Boom, now you know how to deal with me.

Monday, February 15, 2010


FYI - AirTran allows manual typewriters as personal items. Expect, though, cat-calls from security staff, especially re: the availability of ribbons.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Eagle Summit Tribute: What Will Fit In The Rust Holes?

The Eagle Summit's final photo shoot

I figured the best way to demonstrate the impressive dimensions of the Eagle Summit's rust holes de jour would be to showcase a variety of objects, some that were small enough to fit into the rust holes and some that were too big to fit in.

Unfortunately, every single object was able to fit into the rust holes...

An entire fleet of pirate legos and cannon? Check.

A Trevor Hoffman bobblehead doll? Check.

And a 16 ounce - biiiiig - Miller Lite can commemorating Super Bowl XXXI? Check.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Eagle Summit Tribute: Memories

Eagle Summit Casette-Based Theme Song:

(tie) Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

(tie) Back in the High Life Again - Steve Winwood

Most Valuable Passenger:

N.J. Ruys most likely logged the most passenger miles in the beaut. One trip to Colorado, 2.5 years of roommatesmanship during the Eagle Summit years? That kind of longevity is tough to beat.

Last Passenger:

R.M. Jones. Fitting.

Most Bittersweet Taxi-Runs:

(tie) N.V. Csabay and ORD.

(tie) M.L. Madden and MSN.

Worst Commute:

2004-05. 5:30 to morning teacher basketball league.

Top Five Eagle Summit Moments:

Spring 2004 Beach Party Shuttle with D.S. Lund.

Driving to/through/from North Carolina with a faded yellow mattress in the backseat, and Brian/Emmaline/Aaryn/et al riding shotgun.

Barreling through the 100-Year Floods in Fond du Lac on June 12th, 2008.

Driving my worldly possessions from Madison to Fond du Lac, one last time, in the summer of 2009...with my right-hand turn signal going off the whole damn way.

Sleeping inside the Eagle Summit, bathing in Lake Mendota and brushing my teeth in the public library - Fall 2009.

Trips Where the Eagle Summit was Vetoed as a Mode of Transportation:

Outer Banks 2004
Alabama 2004
Iowa 2006
Virginia 2007
Arkansas 2009
Colorado 2009
Virginia 2009
Lakewood 2009
Minnesota 2009
Washington DC 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Eagle Summit Tribute: Crunching the Numbers

I bought my first car, a 1995 Eagle Summit, on Nov. 10th, 2003, for $1,800. Soon - this weekend, to be exact - that sweet, sweet ride will come to an end. Here’s a numeric breakdown of the Eagle Summit’s goodness:

2,287 days of ownership. (Although that mark is punctuated by two long stays in Hungary totaling just more than 365 days.)

And over the course of those more than six years? 56,569 miles driven. To put that income-esque figure into perspective, 56,569 miles is equal to:

= 350 round-trips between home and Madison’s capital square.
= 18 one-way drives across the breadth of America on U.S. Route 50.
= more than 2 trips around the world at the equator.
= more than 1/4th of the way to the moon.

(Do NOT doubt the Eagle Summit, yo!)

Doing some math, that’s 24.7 miles per day. The equivalent is one round-trip drive to the St. Vinnie’s on Fond du Lac’s southwest side each and every day. It also equals just about one mile per hour of ownership. Surprising.

At a purchase price of $1,800, minus the sales price of $1, I paid $1,799 for my 2,287 days of membership in the Eagle Summit club. The breakdown? 78 cents a day. 3 cents a mile.

Where’d the Eagle Summit go? 13 States. Not the original colonies, but WI + CO, IA, IL, IN, KY, MN, NC, NE, SD, TN, VA, WY.

And the null set? Zero is the number of Eagle Summit-related:
Speeding tickets.
Border crossings.
Animals hit.
CDs played.
Cigarettes lit.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Eagle Summit Tribute

Goodbye my friend!

A multimedia tribute to a beloved ride, to come in parts.

(NOTE: Even seven years later, the Eagle Summit is still a little ambiguous. Puzzle-ingly androgynous. To this day, I have never really determined if the Eagle Summit is a man-car or a lady-car. Therefore, I’m uncomfortable using the gender-based pronouns “he” and “she,” and the inanimate pronoun "it" would detract far too much from the Eagle Summit’s obvious humanity, so instead I use no pronouns to describe THE Eagle Summit.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

How does a pirate say goodbye?

ALPs invited B. Johnson and I back - as legends - to run the winter retreat extravaganza. Desperate for a mid-winter reprieve, we opted for pirates.

A highlight? A new initiative centered on dowels: the Human Ladder. Give a large group ten 1.25 inch dowels and see what happens. Jump an electric Fence. Pass through a spider web. Or try see how high a vertical ladder the group can create.

And number of ALPs facilitators converted to typewriterism over the course of the evening? Four. Four good ones... It's been fun watching these kids grow up over the past four years. It's nice to hear the pleasure - and benefit - was mutual.