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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Monday, June 6, 2005

Student Feedback: On Why I Am Who I Am

I gave the pupils a perhaps unconventional opportunity to provide feedback at the end of the year. Of the well-intentioned two-page form that was taken at differing levels of seriousness, my favorite insight came from the section where I asked the students to speculate on why i am who i am, and why i was the teacher that i was.

1st Hour (Freshman & Sophomores)

I think that 90% of people turn out the way they are because of how their parents raised them

You are a wise, smart teacher…you were intelligent and kind for choosing Fondy High to teach our class and spend your time with us.

You are a person doing your own self-exploring. You took what you know about kids and taught like you would have at camp. You aren’t a traditional teacher and never pretended you were. I respect your unique (and rare) personality.

Because you liked to be sarcastic and loved to be joking around. You know how to handle people.

4th Hour (Juniors & Seniors)

You didn’t care what we or anyone else thought.

Because you’re open-minded, you like to think a lot, and you want to help others.

You are who you are because of how you were raised. You taught us more grammar because your dad’s an English teacher. You were tough on us because you’re super smart and thought it was easy.

You were the teacher you were because you’re a full-living, fun-loving guy.

You are who you are because of your past experiences. You lived life and had fun. You were the teacher you were because you didn’t set shit straight on the 1st day.

You didn’t quite know what to do and also because our class wasn’t the easiest to teach. I think you were trying to let the students know who you were, but sadly, most of the students don’t care.

You’re an enthusiastic person and a thinker.

You are not the kind of person qho gives up and wants to be like everyone else. That’s awesome. You’re different, as it should stay. You take chances and you try your best. Awesome. You taught us the way you did because it’s who you are. You were caring and charismatic. You were everything we needed with what we went through.

5th Hour (Freshman & Sophomores)

Because you want us to do our best.

Because that’s the person you are, you have fun with life and enjoy people.

You are who you are ‘cause that’s who you are. That’s why you taught us as you did.

Your mom and dad made you who you are.

7th Hour (Juniors & Seniors)

Because you are young and you always can have stories from when you were just like us to help us feel less embarassed about not understanding something.

You are a young, fun teacher, but you set us up poorly for 4th quarter. You are a good guy though.

Because of the experiences you had. You became a better person and shared it with us.

You expect a lot from us because you have too high of a standard for yourself.

‘Cuz of your past experiences, you have a lot of opinionated perspectives you like to voice.

The way someone turns out is based upon their environment and mindset.

It’s your decision to be whoever you want to be.

8th Hour
(Freshman & Sophomores)

You came into an odd situation, but kept an open-mind about us and tried teaching us the best you could.

Because you are happy and very perky.

I think you were the teacher you were because of the students you had.