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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Turtle-Flambeau Flowage

Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area
Solo Seakayaking

Beautiful islands (195) and shoreline (300+ miles). Many, many great campsites (60) scattered across innumerable lakes and bays (14,000 acres).

Wilderness feel despite some houses on shoreline. Heavy usage by long-term fishermen who use campsites as week-long base. Availability was an issue, even in late Spring.

Great training ground for Apostle Island paddling. Open lakes feel like big open water. Orientation/navigation can be tricky, especially when you're first getting familiar with the flowage.

Put-in and take-out at Springstead Landing, nice developed landing.

5/20/2008 Site C7
paddled through Voluntary Quiet Area
5/21/2008 Site C2

Site Review:

A1 - really nice access, quiet bay, lots of open space
B1 - group site is spacious, secluded private bay, nice fire ring, no beach
C1 - very close to C3
C2 - Beautiful spot above little beach, awesome view of islands
C3 - very close to C1
C4 - really nice island
C7 - great site, but out in the open
D2 - great location, picturesque, secluded
D5 - very small island, looked bumpy
D6 - great fire ring, but lousy tent sites
D7 - nice island, but dinky site
D8 - better situated, 2-way views
D9 - MIA? Site might have suffered from a recent storm?
D11 - nice quiet bay
D26 - fun setting, but no tentpad on isthmus
D30 - nice views with multiple tentpads
D34 - nice bay, but not secluded
D35 - magnificent sand beach all along bay, but smallish site