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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Rawah Writing Project

How to write the first wedding sermon of your life? Hit the mountains, of course.

Rawah Lakes Wilderness
Roosevelt National Forest
25.0 miles, 3 nights

8/29 North Fork of the Larimer
small site for one or two tents 200 feet upstream of the trail crossing.
steady rain, huge thunder not long after i got my tent up.

8/30 Rawah Lake #2
beautiful large campsite across the creek from the trail, on north shore of lake.

8/31 Camp Lake
several areas for one or two tents just uphill of south shore.
read first draft of sermon aloud to a huge bull moose. he didn't seem impressed.

Very pretty scenery. Convenient to Fort Collins, front range. Didn't seem busy. Relatively well-marked trails. Good variety of campsites.