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Monday, January 16, 2012

haulin' to hampi

What better excuse to finally get to picturesque Hampi than a visiting Chinese delegation and a three-day weekend. it makes for a tough over-night trip, but it's a fascinating glimpse into a long-fallen dynasty, an important part of the regional history.

Hyderabad to Hampi by hired car:
6 hours via the really nice highway to Bangalore, then cutting across at Gooty
7 hours when you take the straighter but slower route through Raichur
About $100 per person (6-person innova)

Best Praise: Barrett looked out over the landscape and said with a smile “This compares with Angkor Wot.” He backtracked slightly the next day, but I figure it’s strong praise that the comparison even entered the conversation.

Hop on the 20 rupee ferry across the river for your choice of many great little resorts with 1000INR rooms and restaurants that will gladly sell you beer. Lots of wandering hippies spending long chunks of time there.

It’s HOOOOOOOT in Hampi. Avoid summer, be prepared.

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