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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Start

The inspiration behind Curriculum Bella Vita?

Once upon a time, I was struck with a noble idea, how wonderful would it be to only create hand-written resumes in my life? To care so much about each job/opportunity I applied to, that I would hand-craft a life story out of pen and paper.

Ideas mutate. It became the dream of a resume that celebrated the outdoors, rather than offices. The story of the good life, not necessarily the parade of helter-skelter snippets of the pursuit of paychecks.

A resume became a blog. Presentations plural. And published outloud. A series of stories and adventures to serve two purposes:

1. The critical mass of having an outlet to share my adventure and share my writing. I liked it muchly as a teacher in Hungary, and would like to keep with that momentum and motivation.

2. A resource for others. Sometimes that'll simply take the shape of humor or inspiration, for whatever its worth. Other times a step-by-step process of how to do it like I did it.

From this point forward, just about the turn of the twenty-aughts into the twenty-teens, the stories will start coming live. But I'll put on a whole lot that's backdated, in the past-tense, but it's all stuff that I figured was worth putting out for the world to see. If only for a smile. Egeszsegedre to that.

Curriculm Bella Vita.
The stories of a life well-lived.


Chipmunk-19 said...

I invited contributing authors to my blog and hardly came anything at first. Then I had to promote the announcement via e-mails, phonecalls and offline concversations. It was very difficult for Hungarians to share their stories. I wonder how it will go in America.

Chipmunk-19 said...

I invited contributing authors to my blog. Nothing came first and I needed to promote the announcement via e-mails, phone calls and offline conversations. I wonder how it will go in America.