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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Primitive Song Writing

Jim + Jeremy + couch + September 11th = The Neanderthal Song

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jeremy said...

ugly brutish and short, live me and my wife
been nasty and bow-legged, most all of my life
prodding deer off cliffs 'cause i'm a carnivore
living in caves and stealing women
hardly a bore, who could ask for more?
than living here as a neanderthal

i am a neanderthal
bordering close to animal
suspiciously alike any other mammal
but cultivating fire keeps me higher
primative talking, upright walking
me and my clan hardly struggling at all
'cause i am a neanderthal
battling through it all

my huge forehead, it harbors doubt
using my bare hands to snatch up trout
there's gotta be a better way, less of a pain
my nose has evolved, so why not by brain
so little to lose, so much to gain
living here as a neanderthal


to my homeland, south-western france
came advanced cro-magnons with more of a chance
homosapiens in the purest of form
with the spears, beads, intelligence to perform
so thirty thousand years came in two blinks
the dictionary lists me now with the extincts
but when my friends and i go out for drinks
we'll always sing